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Quem gosta de ler.... Tenho um outro tumblr no qual escrevo mimimis... lá nos links :3
tunts tunts.
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League of Legend anime and other stuff
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Championship Shyvana - Splash Art

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Lee Sin’s new splash is great.


His loading screen art is also nice.


But the in-game icon is just…



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( At first I wasn’t sure if I should take this M!A on mostly because it was ask-the-starchild's M!A but since they said that it was okay, Imma go and derp around with their Officer Star Soraka while their blog has the M!A on~ xD

SO! Officer Moon Diana is on duty! :D

P.S I’ve also been wanting to interact with a Soraka blog with my Diana so yeah~ 8333 )

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Why? Are you okay with this?

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The nightmare hovered in front of Syndra, "You have really dirty dreams don't you?"






You know she does.


"Can you girls go and gossip elsewhere?"

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yo psa you aren’t obligated to stick around for people who make you feel like shit

ollie the fuck off like the fabulous star child you are

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transparent ghosties!

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(((((He’s so tiny and cute help))))))

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Japanese Food Porn

the bear all tucked in!!!

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This was supposed to be Natalia (APH Belarus) but it didn’t went according to plan thus a new OC is born. The sketch looks totally different from its finished version… ^q^)  The image bg is transparent, just saying hahaha!

I named her Claire! <3 

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