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Quem gosta de ler.... Tenho um outro tumblr no qual escrevo mimimis... lá nos links :3
tunts tunts.
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League of Legend anime and other stuff
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guys…. i was taking the visa to travel but i got sick and went to the hospital… Im still bad, and had to take 3 vaccines, almost every part of my body is in pain, so…. hope you guys to understand :c Probably ill just back in 2 days, or 3, it depends on my state. Love ya!

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I almost scrolled past this

I fucking almost scrolled past this

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Punk Rock Poro.

July 7, 2014

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You don’t ask people with knives in their stomachs what would make them happy; happiness is no longer the point. It’s all about survival; it’s all about whether you pull the knife out and bleed to death or keep it in.
—Nick Hornby (via psych-facts)

*whispers* katarina

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Day Six

AU where everything is exactly the same except Teddie is a realistic bear and no one seems to mind

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Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 143 - END
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Phyrexian Obliterator

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i can’t em We Heart It.

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7 Days of Color : Violet! Completed (-:

Part :  1  2  3  4  5

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